Mara Levine Co Bill with Gathering Time Postponed due to Covid

Mt Toby Concert Series, Quaker Meeting house , 194 Long Plain Rd (Rt 63), Leverett, MA 01054

Mt. Toby Concerts are presented by the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of the Mt. Toby Friends Meeting. We present monthly concerts, featuring singer-songwriters of music for social change, in service of the committee’s mission of working for social, economic and environmental justice. Music for social change has the double advantage of addressing social justice issues on both the intellectual and emotional planes. It can stimulate, encourage, rally, console and educate, whether the topic of a song be about the past or present. Most encouraging are songs of hope for a peaceful future. We aim to do that through our music series.

Suggested donations range between $10 to $25. Please be generous in supporting our performers. 413 336-2589