When I Sing with You (Si Kahn)

Time: 3:48 mid tempo

Written by request for this album, the song is about the joy of singing harmony with musical partners and how singing can soothe and unite us. Gathering Time and Joe Jencks provide harmony vocals.

By Si Kahn

Mara Levine: Lead and female harmony vocals
Joe Jencks: Male harmony vocals/arrangements
Gathering Time: harmony vocals(Stu Markus, Glen Roethel, Hillary Foxsong)/additional arangements on verses
Joe Jencks: Guitar
Bob Harris: Lead Guitar

For Mara Levine who lives to sing: Mara dedicates this song to her many musical partners over the years.

When we sing together
I hear the world anew
When you sing with me
When I sing with you

Mara Levine lives to sing. Not loves to sing, which is true of many musicians, but lives, a much rarer quality. For her, singing is never a solitary occupation. When she sings lead, she surrounds herself with other singers, developing with them the rich harmonies that constitute her signature sound. Given the chance to sing harmony to someone else’s lead, she throws herself into that role with as much enthusiasm as if she were the leading soprano in a Verdi opera. She is never alone on stage, always there with and for others. For Mara Levine, to sing with the collective ‘you’ is to create not just harmony but also community. This, the core of her approach to music, is the quality I tried to capturewhen she asked me to write a song for Jewels and Harmony. May her music inspire us to dream of and work for a better and more just life for everyone, in which harmony and community become realities for us all.

Si Kahn, 2011