The Dutchman (Michael Smith)

Time: 4:56 slow

Levine’s arrangement of this classic is a duet with Si Kahn. Instead of hearing the song as a narrative, we experience the poignant relationship between the elderly Dutch couple as if in their own words.

Written by Michael Peter Smith

Mara Levine: Lead vocal
Si Kahn: Lead and harmony Vocals
Bob Harris: Guitar
Chad Hammer: Cello

"Dear Mara, Thank you for letting me hear your lovely recording(Of The Dutchman), which I enjoyed immensely. You and Si(Kahn) sound great together and the interpretation is honest and sincere and tuneful. Plus the sound is very clear: I listened on headphones and the cello and guitar and voices filled the space beautifully. I'm proud to be associated with your work. Much success.
Michael Smith, Author of The Dutchman

Mara’s version of Michael Smith’s "The Dutchman" is the best that I have ever heard, and with Si Kahn’s seasoned and expressive voice, something spiritual happens here.
Jeannie Holton
Host of "The Acoustic Peace Club"
WMNF Community Radio, Tampa, Fl

"The Dutchman" is a modern classic which is frequently covered, but Mara's rendition is the most beautiful version I've heard!
Leni Engels, Emerald House Concerts, Hollywood, FL

"Michael Smith's THE DUTCHMAN is a very powerful song which touches upon an issue confronting many older folks and their families today, aging and memory loss. I first learned this song from a Makem & Clancy recording 30 years ago and have heard many other versions since then. Mara Levine's arrangement and interpretation of this song, with Si Kahn singing a duet and harmonizing with her, is by far the best version that I have heard. It conveys all the emotion and heartache that a person goes through when somebody close to them is afflicted with a mind robbing ailment. Si's resonant and mature voice was a brilliant choice for the role of the male character, and provides a perfect contrast with Mara's rich and melifluous voice on the female part.

Sol Zeller, President, Borderline Folk Music Club