July 21, 2018 Cherry Hill, NJ , NJ
Mara Levine/Terry Kitchen/Terry Rivel and open chair!
PASA House concert series

PASA annual summer party followed by a 7:30PM house concert which features a round robin format. Along with the three headliners we have something called the "open chair." This feature guarantees a good turnout as about half the folks are songwriters. These open chair performers are often previous headliners so their integration into the circle is not normally a problem. There are 4 rounds, then intermission and then 3 more rounds. So you should prepare 7original songs of yours in addition to PASA songs Mara will be performing. All songs must be original and must be written by a PASA member.  (Another reason you want to be a PASA member to play the show). Show is over between 10:30 and 11PM.

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