Album Cover
Jewels and Harmony
Mara Levine
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Released: January 1, 2013
Label: Mara's Creations/Independent
Track Listing
1 Leaves that are Green (Paul Simon)
2 The Dutchman (Michael Smith)
3 Hallelujah (Nancy Cassidy)
4 When I Sing with You (Si Kahn)
5 By My Side (Jay Hamburger and Peggy Gordon)
6 Immigrant Dream (Bob Wright)
7 River (Bill Staines)
8 Summertime (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Heyward DuBose)
9 Blackberry Time (Jud Caswell)
10 April Come She Will (Paul Simon)
11 Burning Tree (Elmer Beal, Jr.)
12 Killing the Blues (Rowland Salley)
13 I Will Walk with You (Pat Wictor)
14 Straw Against The Chill (Bob Franke)
15 Leave Time (Dan Schatz)

Liner Notes

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PRODUCED BY: Mara Levine and Bob Harris

Building on the success of Mara’s Gems, her 2009 debut, Jewels and Harmony features 15 hand-picked songs that reflect changes we experience and some of life’s journeys and passages. The change of seasons, with spring inevitably turning towards winter, mirrors both aging and the disintegration and loss of significant relationships. Other songs touch on yearning for meaningful connections that will endure and on themes of hopefulness, rebirth, the support of friends and partners who stand by us, the joy of making music together, and the healing power of music to soothe and keep us connected.

Levine has drawn her material from popular contemporary songwriters and emerging talents. “When I Sing With You,” a song that Si Kahn wrote for the album features Joe Jencks and Gathering Time on harmony vocals. Kahn also lends his seasoned and expressive voice to Levine’s moving arrangement of Michael Smith's "The Dutchman" as a duet. Says Smith: “You and Si sound great together, and the interpretation is honest and sincere and tuneful... the cello and guitar and voices filled the space beautifully. I'm proud to be associated with your work.”
Jewels and Harmony was co-produced by Bob Harris (Johnny Cash, Girlyman, among others), who also plays guitar on 10 of its 15 tracks and helped with arrangements on several songs. A number of other artists on the contemporary folk and bluegrass scene also contributed their talents to this recording.

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